Fayetteville, North Carolina

Almost three weeks ago my sister-in-law, my niece, my kiddos and myself set out for Fayetteville, North Carolina (a 9 hour drive from Louisville). We drove all day on Tuesday and on Wednesday we woke up ready to spend time with my cousin Peter, who has lives there. My uncle, aunt, and grandma were also there visiting so we had a wonderful time visiting with all of them. On Wednesday we visited the Botanical Gardens, walked around the mall, swam at the hotel, and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Mellow Mushroom. On Thursday we celebrated my cousin's hard work by attending his graduation, which was such an honor to attend. The two little ones, Morgan and Lily, were a little restless and loud at times, but overall did really well during this time. On Friday we went to the beach (see next post) and then on Saturday as we were packing up to drive back to Louisville I had to be taken to the ER, which ended up in a week long stay at a local hospital for an appendectomy and recovery. Not the way I intended to end this wonderful trip, but I am thankful for the way the Lord had his hand of protection and healing on myself and our unborn baby boy. I am also so thankful for those who cared for my kiddos (Steve, Shelley, Grandma, Sarah, Peter, and Stephen) while I was unable to. They took off work, fed the kids, cared for them, and took them many fun places. Here are some pictures of the fun part of our trip.