Julianne - 4 months

It is hard to believe that Julianne is now four months old. Stephen and I took her today for her four month check up and she received three shots and an oral vaccination. Although she definitely was not thrilled about getting poked, she did quite well. She gave me the saddest look when I held her arms while the nurse gave her the shots. It was almost a look of betrayal. I think I felt worse about the whole experience than she did. Julianne now weighs 11 lbs. 13 oz and is 23.5 in. tall. I was a bit concerned that she had not gained as much weight as I thought she should have, but the doctor reassured me that she was not starving and probably gained less weight because she is sleeping so much at night. She continues to sleep about nine to ten hours, although this fluctuates depending on her desire for the occasional midnight snack. The doctor said most breast fed babies are not yet sleeping through the night at this age so we're very proud of her. She did say that it might be a good idea to start introducing cereal in a month or so, especially since Julianne seems to be interested in food. In the last couple of weeks Julianne has started staring at our food when we eat. Her eyes will follow our food as we bring it to our mouths. She's also started reaching for the food, which can be a mess when mom and dad aren't paying attention. Although she is not putting food in her mouth, she puts everything else she can get her hands on in there. She gums on blankets, burp cloths, clothes (hers and ours), bibs, toys, her hands, and sometimes even mom's hair. She loves playing on the floor and often ends up in a completely different spot than where I placed her originally. She is very good at scooting and is still trying to flip over from her back to her stomach. She loves to stand up with our help and is beginning to pull herself into the sitting position with some assistance. The last couple of weeks Julianne has begun laughing. She thoroughly enjoys when mom and dad act silly. Well I could probably write on and on about our sweet little girl, but here are some pictures for you to enjoy!