SBTS Fall Festival

We had the opportunity to go to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's Fall Festival, which had a 1904 World's Fair theme. The entire event was very impressive. There was so much food: chick fil a, funnel cakes, cotton candy, pie, waffle cones and ice cream, popcorn, and deep fried oreos. On top of all that yummy fair food there were tents for each continent that had food that would be found on each of these continents. Not only was there a lot to eat but there was a lot to do. In each of these tents there were many things that you could do to learn about the continent. In the Asia tent they were doing henna tatoos. Julianne and Talia both got one. There were lots of rides and bouncies too. The kids rode the carousel, the swings, and jumped in several bouncies. At the very end there was a very impressive light show that ended abruptly with loud and bright fireworks that made most of us almost jump out of our skin. We had a wonderful evening!