Trip to Ohio on Julianne's Birthday

The day before Julianne's sixth birthday we took a trip to Cincinnati. We spent the first part of the day exploring the Cincinnati Children's Museum and then did a little shopping and eating at IKEA. The kids loved the Children's Museum. It had a water play area, a tree house climbing structure, a ball area, a play area for younger kids, and many different pretend play areas (construction, grocery store, mechanic shop, restaurant, nursery, and veterinarian office). This museum along with several other museums was located in the old train station, which was beautiful architecturally inside and out. After playing at the museum most of the afternoon we quickly walked through IKEA and enjoyed their+ Summer Crayfish Festival for dinner. Stephen enjoyed the crayfish while the rest of us feasted on the swedish meatballs and yummy desserts. When we got to our hotel that evening we settled in and then swam for a bit before bed.

We woke up in the morning and had breakfast at our hotel and then hit the road for West Union, Ohio where we were going for a Mobley family reunion (Stephen's dad's side of the family). We got to see the graves of Stephen's great-grandparents, had a delicious lunch prepared by some Amish women, got to see the horse who starred in the movie "The Lone Ranger", spent some time opening presents at Papa and Gigi's bed and breakfast, and then explored an Amish store before heading back to Louisville. We loved getting to catch up with several family members that we already knew and meet many new family members. Julianne had a great time celebrating her birthday this way!