Morgan - 15 & 16 Months

Well here I am again, behind in my updates about our sweet third child. There are many excuses I could give for why I am so behind (painting every room in our townhome, several fun trips, a busy fun summer of parks and swimming, starting another year of homeschool) but the main one would be that Morgan is going to be a big brother. Because of this precious gift from the Lord I have been exhausted and not feeling so well so whenever I am not caring for my other precious gifts from the Lord I have not had any energy to do anything productive. So here were are with a 16.5 month old who is in a super fun and super challenging stage.

We'll start with the fun stuff first. Morgan is a busy boy. He runs where ever he goes, slides down the stairs, climbs up and down his sister's bunk bed, jumps in his crib until he finally tuckers out and goes to sleep, sits for no more than two seconds, wriggles free of the buckles on shopping cart seats, and jumps off the bottom couple of stairs expecting someone to catch him. Yes, these make life challenging and exhausting at times, but it so fun and entertaining to see all of his activity. Morgan is talking more and more these days. In the past couple of weeks he has really begun imitating almost anything we tell him to say. Some of his clearer works are "Dah du"(thank you), "ah-muh"(animals), "Yah-yah"(Lorelei), "Du-du" (Julianne), "bah-bee"(baby), "yuh-yuh"(yuck-yuck), "boo-bee"(poopy), "di-dah"(diaper), "it"(eat), "buh-buh"(bye bye), "muh-mee"(Mimi) "nuh-nuh"(no no), "Ab-buh"(Abby), "dat"(cat), "duh"(duck), "Ah-dah" (all done), "Uh-Oh", and "oh-pee"(open). He loves to play with balls, baby dolls, the play kitchen, spoons, bowls, trucks, cars, and anything outside. He enjoys putting things in and taking them out, throwing things, turning pages in books, sitting on Abby, hugging people, and pushing buttons. As much as he is rough boy that pulls hair, scratches, and pushes, he can be very gentle and loving too. He loves to hug baby dolls and people. When he gives hugs he leans his head in and says, "Ahhh". He still likes to run away when he's done something that needs correcting but he is learning to respond when called and most of the time he stops or comes when told to do so.

Some of the challenging things about our sweet Morgan boy is that he still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. He samples paper, chalk, crayons, beads, dirt, leaves, bugs, berries that have fallen on the ground outside, rocks, plastic gloves, foam berries from wreaths, and dirty puddle water. Ick! I've found several beads, foam berries, and crayon pieces in his diapers in just the past two weeks. Another challenging aspect of this boy is that he is very physical. He pinches, scratches, pulls hair, bites, hits, and head butts. For some reason he mainly does this to me and then smiles at me when he has gotten the reaction he was looking for. As much as he makes me want to pull my hair out at times it is totally worth it when he takes my face in his hands, pulls my face to face his, and then either kisses or snuggles. He is such a blessing!