Morgan - 14 Months

Okay, Morgan will actually be 15 months in 3 days, but since I am behind in updating our website and don't want our sweet third child to feel any less loved than his sisters I feel compelled to title this post "14 Months". Our 14 month old has had a very busy month. Some of the things he has done are: enjoy his first trip to the splash park at the zoo, go strawberry picking, go swimming too many times to count, play at many parks, have his first meal of crab at Joe's Crab Shack, walk(or ride in the stroller) across Louisville's new walking bridge, and enjoy his first ever week of Vacation Bible School. Whew! And this list is why I have not had time to update our website.

Morgan has stopped taking his morning nap. Actually I have stopped him from taking it. I found that he was fighting going down for his afternoon nap and bedtime so tried cutting out his morning nap (which is actually quite convenient for us since we've been so busy having so much fun). He is still in the stage of taking sometimes an hour or longer to go to sleep at night, but he is doing well with just an afternoon nap. At the end of last week Morgan stopped nursing (well, again, I stopped him) and he hasn't seemed to miss it. He continues to be a very busy, sweet, and sometimes pretty yucky boy but we are loving every moment with him.