One Year Old

Morgan turned one on Friday, April 5, 2013. We celebrated his birthday with cupcakes a couple of days before his birthday because Stephen had to leave on a trip the day before his birthday. He loved the candle on his carrot cake cupcake and kept trying to touch it. After some help blowing it out he did not hesitate to inhale the cupcake in just a few minutes. He was very upset when it was gone and got louder and louder in expressing his desire to have "mah"(more).

On his actual birthday we went to have his one year old pictures taken. The photographer asked if he could stand or walk and I told her no. She asked if I would stand him up anyway just to see if he'd stand for a picture. I did what she asked thinking that he would immediately drop down to his knees and crawl away, but instead he surprised me and stood there for a few minutes while she snapped pictures. After we were done here, we went to the pool at the seminary and met several friends for some swimming time. Morgan loved walking around the perimeter of the baby pool holding onto the edge and even tried to crawl around the pool, although he mostly got mouthfuls of water when he did this. After a birthday nap, we spent time playing outside until bedtime.

A few days after his birthday we went to his pediatrician for his one year old well check. His stats were as follows: Length-29.5in (50%), Weight-20lbs3oz (25%), and Head Circumference-18in (50%). He did pretty well with his shots (cried at first, but easily comforted) but hated the finger prick blood draw. Truthfully I don't think it was uncomfortable for him but it meant his freedom to move was taken away and he wasn't crazy about that.

Morgan is completely on table food these days. He loves bananas, peas, carrots, green beans, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, mangoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and really just about anything we put in front of him. He drinks well from a cup and even enjoys feeding himself bites that we put on a fork to himself. He is still nursing three times a day (morning, before nap, and night) but these feedings are getting shorter and shorter because he doesn't want to miss anything and can't stand to be still for that long. He still crawls or creeps along furniture to get where he wants, but yesterday for the first time he took a few steps toward a slide at a playground. He takes two good naps still and sleeps well through the night although for both naps and bedtime he takes a little while to wind down. Morgan still loves his pacifier but only uses it during naps, bedtime and when he's fussy in the church nursery. He says "mah" for more, "nuh" for done, "ab-ba" for Abby, "duh" for dog, and grunts and points to communicate other words. I am so thankful for God's goodness to us in giving Morgan to our family. He is a busy, smiley, loud boy!