Morgan - 11 Months

Exactly one month from today Morgan will be 1 year old. I am trying to savor each day of his babyhood. Here are 11 fun facts about our fun 11 month old:

1. Morgan still crawls everywhere and has no desire to walk when we try to help him by holding his hands.

2. Morgan is beginning to creep along furniture to get where he wants and to get what he wants.

3. Morgan stands on his own sometimes, usually when his hands are both full and he's not paying attention to what he's doing. He's pretty steady standing and only holds on to something or leans against something for a little extra balance.

4. Morgan loves to screech and scream. He has an ear piercing scream. He does this to get our attention and just to hear his own voice.

5. Morgan seems to be trying to "talk". "Mah" or "Nah"(more), "dah" or "nah"(done), repeats "dada" and "mama", tries to repeat most sounds we make

6. Morgan had a stomach bug a week or so ago and refused all table foods, so we've had to go back to supplementing with baby foods. He seems to be back to his normal self in the past several days and is again eating mostly table foods.

7. Morgan ate with a fork for the first time tonight. He acted like he didn't want to touch his food so we fed him with our forks when he grabbed the fork and started feeding himself. We, of course, had to stab the bite for him.

8. Morgan has started a phase of fighting sleep, which means taking 30 minutes to an hour to go to sleep at night and waking up at the crack of dawn (one day it was 4:30am). Still takes two good naps during the day though.

9. Morgan has had 5-6 ear infections since he got tubes put in his ears at the beginning of December. We've treated each infection with ear drops and it will clear up for a week or so and then we'll notice more drainage. Even an antibiotic didn't clear it up for more than a couple of weeks. He doesn't seem to be very bothered by his ear infections thankfully.

10. Morgan has 5 teeth and almost has another.

11. Morgan's favorite toys these days are balls, cups, spatulas, dog toys, brushes, and socks.