Morgan - 10 Months

Morgan turned 10 months while we were at the beach in Florida. What a way to spend a ten month birthday! He is still as busy as ever and finds it his job to get into as many things that he shouldn't. These days his favorite "no-no's" are playing in Abby's water bowl, taking clean or dirty silverware out of the dishwater, eating toilet paper, picking up barbie shoes or other little items on the floor and chewing on them, pulling things out of the lower shelves of the pantry, eating chalk on the easel, chewing on CDs, chewing on shoes, pulling plugs out of electrical outlet, trying to pull the covers off electrical outlets, and of course trying to go up the stairs every two seconds. He is truly a BUSY boy! He still has very little interest in walking which is okay by me. We put him up by a toy he can push and walk behind and he drops quickly to his knees and crawls away. He is very steady when standing up holding onto something and there have been a few instances when he has been holding something in each hand that he hasn't realized that he's stood on his own. He is beginning to cruise by taking a few steps while holding onto furniture just a little bit, but most of the time he'd rather crawl to get what he wants.

He is a loud little boy and always seems to be yelling, squealing, or screaming. We've been working with him on a little big of baby sign language (mainly "more") and not only does he wave his hand to signal more in the past couple of days he has begun to say "mah" pretty consistently when we tell him to say "more" or when he wants more of something. I wouldn't say that he's saying "mama" and "dada" purposefully yet, but when we say our names and tell him to say it, he generally repeats after us. He is continuing to sleep well through the night and still takes two good naps a day, although he's pretty flexible and happy when we need to run errands during one of his naps.

Morgan is pretty much on table foods now. He has sprouted two new teeth on the top and has two more close behind which makes eating table foods much easier We haven't found anything that he doesn't like. He loves bananas, avacados, gram crackers, peas, goldfish, sweet potatoes, and eggs. He has already tried Chick Fil A chicken nuggets and seemed to love them. Sometimes it's just easier to give him baby food when there's not a place or time to allow him to feed himself, but recently he has been blowing raspberries when baby food is inserted into his mouth, which makes a huge mess. It ends up all over him, the table, the floor, the person feeding him, and anything else in the way. I think this is his way of telling us that he's done with baby food. He thinks this is pretty funny and laughs when he does it. Although he's a bit of a mess sometimes, he truly is such a sweet, happy boy.