Morgan - 9 Months

Morgan has changed so much from month 8 to 9. In the past month he has started sleeping through the night (finally!), eating pureed baby foods well, eating table foods, pulling up, and making many new sounds. The first time he slept through the night without nursing was the day before he turned 8 months and this was out of necessity. He got tubes put in his ears the next day and couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. That night and the next few nights he would still wake somewhere in the early morning hours, but he would just fuss a little and go back to sleep. Now he sleeps like a champ. We have moved him temporarily to the basement just to ensure that this good sleeping continues, but as long as he has his pacifier, he goes to sleep quickly on his own. He also takes two good naps during the day (usually 2-3 hours each). Another huge development this past month is that Morgan is no longer sleeping swaddled. Yes, I realize a mobile 8 month old is probably to old to be swaddled, but he just wouldn't sleep without it. One night he just wouldn't go to sleep. We unswaddled him and he went right to sleep and hasn't looked back since.

Since we started solids with Morgan at 6 months, he has not been a super consistent eater. Some days he would eat well, other days he would refuse solids at all. Until about 2 weeks ago, he had become quite difficult to feed. A nursery worker at church taught us a trick to help him eat. She put his pacifier in his mouth, took it out, and then snuck in a bite of food as he was searching for his pacifier. Some days we really tried to get solids in him, other days we just let it go and figured one day he would decide to eat. We even tried feeding him table foods. He seemed interested and could get them into his mouth, but the textures really bothered him and he would always gag and throw up everything that he had just eaten. During this time he contracted a stomach bug and an ear infection, so these definitely didn't help him want to eat. During these sicknesses he also went through a nursing strike, where he refused to nurse for almost an entire day (I got him to take 1 bottle). He usually nurses every 3-4 hours which ends up being 5 times a day. He finally started nursing more little by little, but it took him a good week and a half to begin nursing regularly again. These were long, hard days! Finally, after he was feeling better, he just decided that he was ready to start nursing and eating like an almost 9 month old should. He eats just about any pureed foods that we feed him and about a week before he turned 9 months, it occurred to me to start feeding him table foods, and he loved it. He now has tried brown rice, cooked carrots, cooked green beans, cooked peas, bananas, puffs, bread, pancakes, and goldfish. He loves feeding himself and is pretty good at it even though he has not perfected the pincer grasp. He grabs what he wants with his fist and finds a way to shove it in his mouth. Abby is getting lots of extras while he's trying to learn to feed himself.

Morgan is all over the place. He fixes his gaze on something he wants and quickly crawls over to it and attempts to put it in his mouth. His newest discovery in the past couple days is the trash can. He love to pull up on it and the recycling tub and open and shut the trash can. He loves to open and shut doors and is really not that interested yet in taking things out of what is behind the doors.

One exciting development for our Morgan boy is that he is now babbling "mamama." He mainly uses it in a whiny voice to fuss for something, but I love hearing it. He still says, "dadadada", "dee-da", "yayaya", "lala", "nuh-nuh-nuh", and "bababa". He has a pretty high pitched squeal that he uses to communicate too. He has started waving one of his hands. It looks like he's waving "hi", but I haven't quite figured out what he's trying to do with it. When you hold him he snuggles into you and sometimes will give big, slobbery, open mouth kisses. If I am in the room and someone else is holding him, he fusses and cries at me, like I'm not doing my job by not holding him. If he is crawling around and decides that he wants to be held, he crawls after me crying and pulls up on my legs until I pick him up. Although he seems to have a particularly strong attachment to Mama right now, he gives the biggest smiles to his daddy. If he is nursing and daddy comes into the room he will stop nursing in order to find daddy and usually won't start again unless daddy goes into another room. He also loves his sisters and thinks they are pretty hilarious.