Julianne - three months

It is hard to believe it but Julianne is a whole three months today. Time has flown by and I am having a great time being the mommy of this sweet little girl. Julianne has changed so much in the past month. She continues to sleep 9-10 hours at night and has begun taking an afternoon nap that usually is about 2 hours long. She is an excellent sleeper! Her smiles are more frequent now and she is especially happy in the morning and right after nap time. I think she's just happy to see us because we let her loose from her baby bondage (a.k.a. the swaddle blanket). Although it might seem uncomfortable or constricting to be wrapped up, she seems to love it. I think I love it even more than she does, because when she sleeps better I do too! Julianne has recently discovered her hands. She rubs her eyes, sticks one or both hands in her mouth, and holds on to toys, blankets, hair, etc. She is also beginning to try to roll over from her back to her stomach. She hasn't done it independently yet, but with some assistance she will flip over and spend some time on her tummy just checking out the new view. She is very good at wiggling around and several times I have found her in a completely different place in her crib than where I left her the night before. Julianne has been such a blessing so far and we look forward to the months ahead with her.

Julianne in her swaddle blanket- She has learned to kick her legs out of it

A sweet Halloween smile

So cute!

Reading with dad

I love to sit up with some help from a pillow or a person

I have to hold on to my bib since I tend to drool a lot

Sucking on my lower lip

I love to go on walks with my dog sister

Looking cute in my puppy slippers

Tummy time is tremendous!

Getting ready for bathtime in my bathrobe