Morgan - 8 Months

I can't believe another month has passed, but Morgan is 8 months old now. When we took him to get his tubes he was almost 19 pounds. He is crawling well now and get just about anywhere he wants and can get there quickly if he is motivated to do so. About a week after he started crawling he started pulling up on things to his knees. He still can't pull up on things so he is standing, but he is pretty proud of himself to being upright on his knees. He loves pulling up on stools, laundry baskets, toy baskets, the ottoman, stairs, the exersaucer, the dishwasher, and on the back door so that he can look out. He even lets go of what he is holding onto and can balance on his knees while he's upright. After he discovered that dishwashers are great fun for pulling up on and grabbing things out of, he also discovered our cabinet that has plastic bowls and lids. Although he's learned to get things out of it he mostly enjoys opening and closing the cabinet. Stephen thinks he's already showing that he's mechanically minded. He still puts everything in his mouth and loves to chew on things. He loves tags on toys and is giving us a run for our money on keeping him away from the Christmas tree. If he spots the tree and crawls as fast as he can to it and grabs for the strand of beads or lights and then quickly tries to put them in his mouth before he is reprimanded. Sadly, the age of discipline has begun for our sweet Morgan.

After a couple days of a low grade fever, refusal to eat much baby food, and more fussiness than normal we discovered that Morgan has another tooth on the bottom gum. Teething really seems to bother him more than it did his sisters. I have told several people that Morgan is the most consistently inconsistent baby I've ever known. Up until five nights ago he was still not sleeping through the night without waking up to nurse. In the past he has done really well with sleeping for several weeks and then would do really poorly at night for several weeks. For the past five nights, though, he has slept through the night without waking to nurse. He has woken once or twice and just needs his pacifier or to be re-swaddled, but he goes back to sleep relatively easily. And yes, I did say that my now eight month old is still swaddled. We have tried unswaddling him once a week or so and it never goes well. He just will not lay still to go to sleep and stay asleep. Swaddling forces him to be still and he never seems unhappy being swaddled. He knows how to scoot around in his crib and flip from his stomach to back and back to stomach while being swaddled, so I think we'll continue swaddling until his sleeping becomes more consistent.

Morgan is also pretty inconsistent with his eating. Some days he eats every meal and will eat anything we feed him, other days he refuses to eat at meals and will not eat certain foods. His favorite foods seem to be fruits (bananas and apples specifically), so I usually try to hide vegetables by mixing them with applesauce. He has started eating baby mum-mum's which are rice crackery things. He loves to feed himself these and lives for the end of a meal when I give him the spoon to chew on. I may start adding more table foods to see if this improves his willingness to try food.

Morgan has begun making new sounds in the past couple of weeks. He now says "da-da-da-da", "mmmm", and "nuh-nuh-nuh". Since his tubes, he has begun responding quickly when we say his name and has started imitating our sounds. He more carefully pays attention to our mouths and responds conversationally. He still loves to watch his sisters and they can get him to laugh and smile more than anyone else. Abby, our dog, has also gotten his attention and he loves to watch her and be licked by her. Even though I am still a bit sleep deprived I am so thankful for every moment with my sweet Morgan boy. He is growing up so quickly and I am trying to enjoy each day with him.