Morgan - 6 Months

How is it that Morgan is already six months old? Half of his first year is over and I'm not exactly sure where it has gone. He is such a sweet baby and fits in well to our family. The girls absolutely love him and they entertain him much of the time. Here are a few things that Morgan is doing at six months:

1. Sits unassisted - still topples over eventually, but sitting much steadier in the past week

2. Loves to stand and jump in exersaucer and jumper

3. Grabs for anything in arm's reach - figuring out how to manipulate just about anything to get it in his mouth

4. No teeth - I can see where his future teeth will be coming in, but still no sign of them above the gums so he is desperate to chew on everything to relieve his gums

5. Inconsistent sleeper - There were a few nights he slept from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., but lately he has been sleeping until 5 a.m., eating and then going back to sleep for another hour or two. There were a few nights he woke up more often and a few nights that he didn't go back to sleep after feeding at 5 a.m. Generally takes two good naps (2-3 hours), but lately has been waking up after 30 or 45 minutes and crying. Sometimes he goes back to sleep sometimes he doesn't.

6. Started solids and likes them - so far just brown rice cereal and sweet potatoes

7. Movement is still just rolling and scooting around in a circle on his belly

8. New Sounds - "wa-wa", "dah-dah", "la-la", "yah-yah"