Julianne - two months

Julianne is now two and a half months old - that's incredible! We have been amazed how quickly this time has passed already. Julianne is smiling so much of the time, grasping onto things (including mommy's hair), and sleeping through the night like a bedtime champ. These last few weeks have been so joyful watching her grow and change. Julianne has learned to control her head (most of the time), make eye contact when we say her name, and stand up with help from mom and dad. This month Jewels got to experience her first shots - she handled them like a pro. She weighed in at 9lbs 13oz and measured 22" long. Here are some memorable pictures we've taken this month.

Would you like a drooley kiss?

Clothes are sooo tasty!

Fun times playing with my rings

Can't you tell I'm having fun in my bouncy seat

More fun on my activity mat

Uncle Andy sent me a present, so mom and dad thought it would be good to pack me up and mail me back to San Fran

Bathtime - mom and dad are saving the fully nude picture to show to my friends when I'm a teenager!

Everyone loves an angry duckling

Hanging out with my dawg (dog) sister