Morgan - 5 Months

Okay, I am behind again at creating this for our Morgan boy, but I do have several excuses (homeschooling, computer crashed, and tired from waking up to feed a baby at night). So, again, instead of reading "Morgan - 5 Months" it should read "Morgan - 5.5 Months". Morgan continues to be a very easy going baby, although has been a bit fussier and has wanted to be held more in the past week or so. I believe his gums are bothering him in preparation for teeth. He chews on everything and just seems desperate to chomp down on something. I can see where the teeth will come in, but we have yet to see an actual tooth pop through. Another reason for his fussiness may be because his ears are causing him discomfort. We took the girls to an ENT appointment and asked the doctor to check Morgan's ears too. The result: Julianne and Lorelei's ears were fine, Morgan's ears have fluid on them but were not yet infected, although the doctor said one of them looked like it was heading toward an infection. Ick!

Morgan hasn't really had any huge milestones this month. He is still very unsteady when he sits up. He wants to move more than sit, so he lunges which doesn't help in being a steady sitter. At least he's not bothered when he face plants into the carpet or when he falls backward. He still loves to roll over on his tummy and push up his torso. We have seen him begin to get his knees under his body, but he can't get his front and back half up at the same time, so we're still safe on not having a crawler in the house. In the past week Morgan has begun turning over on his tummy during naps/night while he is swaddled and then sleeping that way. A few nights ago he did this and actually slept through the entire night without waking to be fed. He seems to be a stomach sleeper. He has started learning to jump when being held in a standing position. He loves the jumper at church, but we lost ours at home so either we get a workout jumping him up an down in our lap or he has to do his best at jumping in the exersaucer. One fine motor development for him in the past month is that he has become much better with hand/eye coordination. He grabs for just about anything in his reach and has gotten pretty successful at doing so. He loves to grab toys, blankets, clothing, hair, earrings, and even faces. His new skill is grabbing our faces between his hands and trying to get as much of our face in his mouth as possible. It looks like a giant, sloppy, wet kiss. It's pretty sweet actually.

Morgan is still generally getting up once a night to eat, although there have been a few nights where he's gotten up twice. A few nights ago, though, he slept from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am. His sleep at night seems to be really inconsistent, compared to where the girls were at this age, but he always goes to sleep after feeding, so I can't complain. We have found that he seems to be a stomach sleeper. He still sleeps swaddled, so we have found him flipped over on his tummy swaddled, usually pressed up against the rails on the crib. It seems uncomfortable to me, but he seems to like it. Morgan continues to be a great napper. He takes two 2 - 3 hour naps a day, which make it so much easier to homeschool in the morning, because he generally naps most of the morning. He has started babbling with more consonant sounds (mmm, llll, ddd) and still loves to squeal and screech when excited. We are so blessed by this sweet boy and are thankful God put him in our family.