Lorelei is now a Honeybee for our AWANA program at church. She loves going on Wendesday nights and our little social butterfly talks about her friends at church all week long. This year she will memorize a handful of verses for Honeybees. She has already memorized Genesis 1:1. We have been working on this verse during her school time and she has picked it up quickly.

Truthfully, I have been so busy with school for Julianne and Lorelei that I haven't taken many pictures of what she is doing. So far, Lorelei participates in calendar, Bible time, Literature and Enrichment(Social Studies/Science/Art/Music) activities, and any other games we play. She has her own table to work at and has a bulletin board that lists the song, nursery rhyme, color, shape, Bible verse, and other information she is learning for the week. Being such a musical child, her favorite time of the day is when we sing songs. The main academic skill I am working on with her is color recognition. So far our colors have been blue, red, and yellow. She paints with these colors, draws with these colors, cuts these colors of paper, plays with these colors of playdough, etc. One activity that she has been enjoying is making color posters. She will paint with the color of the week at the easel, draw with the color with markers and crayons, practices snipping and tearing paper, and then glues the paper on the poster too. She has created one for each of the colors learned so far. Here are the few pictures I've managed to take of our 2.75 year old.