Morgan - 4 Months

Okay, the title of this post should actually read, "Morgan - 4.5 Months", but since I'm a little slow this will just have to do. Since we were in Missouri when Morgan turned four months old we put off his four month well check until last Friday (Julianne's birthday) so we could kill two birds with one stone and get both appointments done at the same time. Here are Morgan's stats: Weight - 14lbs 14oz (36%), Length - 25.75in (69%), Head Circumference - 16.5in (30%). While we were traveling earlier in the month Morgan had thrush and the doctor noticed at his four month well check that it had not cleared up so he's on another medicine to hopefully clear it up completely. The doctor also noticed that Morgan has a slight heart murmur and recommended that we see a pediatric cardiologist to make sure it's not a significant issue. She wasn't concerned and said that these things usually resolve themselves with time. Other than these two issues, Morgan seems to be a healthy growing boy. He took his shots like a pro, crying at first, but easily comforted.

Morgan has completed some major milestones this month so far. Last week he finally figured out how to turn from his back to his tummy. He had been working on this for weeks but couldn't seem to get over his shoulder, but he figured it out and rarely just lays on his back anymore. He wants to move and several times has rolled to his tummy and then to his back and then to his belly again, which has landed him several feet away from where he began. He has gotten so much better at holding his body up while he's on his tummy and loves to be in this position. He kicks his feet and moves his hands to move himself around on his tummy, although he's getting nowhere very fast at this stage. He has also started showing signs of being ready to sit. When laying down he lifts his head forward and when he's in his reclined car seat he tries to move his body forward too. When he sits on laps he sits pretty straight and just requires a little support. A couple days ago, I sat him on a blanket outside and although he mostly toppled over after a few seconds, there were a couple times he sat upright for 10-15 seconds before toppling. His sisters think it's hilarious to watch him topple over. He's definitely in the beginning stages of sitting independently.

Morgan continues to love being upright with his weight on his feet. He can spend 30-45 minutes happily playing in his exersaucer. His very least favorite thing to be in is his car seat. When we put him in he arches his back, scoots his body down in the seat, and tries to turn his body over like he's trying to lay on his tummy. It is quite a fight to get him buckled in and when he sees that it's time to get out of his car seat he is very impatient and tries to get out himself if we're not moving quickly enough. Morgan has become very vocal in the past month or so. He loves to squeal loudly, babble to whoever will listen, grunt as he tries to get his hands in his mouth, and laugh at the things he finds funny (which usually include his sisters). I'm convinced that since he's had so many gross motor milestones that this has been interrupting his sleep. It all started when we went on our trip, but really hasn't improved since we've been home in the past week and a half. Before our trip he was sleeping from 7pm-5am for almost a week straight and since that time he's been waking up once or even twice a night to eat(only going 5-8 hours between the first nighttime feeding. He always goes straight back to sleep after feedings, but this mommy is ready for more than three to four hours of uninterrupted sleep. He has more easily gotten back on a good nap schedule since our trip and seems to still be taking two 2-3 hour naps. He still eats every 3 hours during the day, but will sometimes go 4 hours if napping. He has drastically shortened his time spent nursing (from 20-30 minutes to 10-15 minutes), but he seems to be more aware of his surroundings and is a much more distracted nurser. Here are some pictures of our four and a half month old.