Five Years Old

Julianne is officially five years old now. I feel like we've been celebrating this milestone for weeks now. When we were in Missouri we celebrated her birthday once with my side of the family and then again with Stephen's side of the family. She enjoyed a yummy blueberry cake made by Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah and then a cookie cake that I made for her. Her favorite gifts from these celebrations were her very first lego set, a sticker paper doll book, some clothes, toys/food/blanket for her Bitty Baby, and BOB books.

On her actual birthday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast then went to the pediatrician for her five year old well check and Morgan's four month well check. Since last year she got a whole slue of shots at her well check she was understandably a little nervous about this visit. I told her before the visit that she wasn't supposed to get any shots, but might get a finger prick. The first words out of her mouth once the nurse took us into the room was, "Am I going to get a finger prick?" She was quite relieved to find out that she didn't have to have any shots or pricks. She weighed 42 pounds and was 43 inches tall. The doctor said that she was a perfectly healthy five year old girl. Last year we had some concerns about her speech. She wasn't saying the /k/ sound or /g/ sound and really had trouble making the sounds that are made in the back of her throat. A month ago I was prepared to talk to the pediatrician about this, but a few weeks ago when we were eating pizza with my mom at Pirrone's in St. Louis, she looked at my mom and I and matter of factly declared, "I can say my g's and k's". Then she proceded to say every word she could think of that had these sounds in them. We were shocked that one moment she couldn't say them at all and the next moment she could say them naturally with ease. She is still pretty proud of this accomplishment!

After her pediatrician appointment we went to the pool with her good friend, Sadie Beth, and Sadie Beth's parents and sisters. It was a little cool at first, but the girls jumped right in and swam almost the entire time we were there. We celebrated Julianne and Melody's (she had her first birthday at the beginning of August) birthdays with a cupcake iced as a puppy dog. That afternoon after swimming I took Julianne to a marketing research appointment, where she looked at pictures of toys on the computer and picked what she liked. Afterwards she got a Barbie dog pool. We made a stop at Hobby Lobby and I let her look around at what she wanted to see, which mainly consisted of glass perfume bottles, lamps, and pretty picture frames. On the way home we stopped at a frozen yogurt bar and because on Fridays they have a set price for cups I let her pick whatever she wanted in it. She picked cake batter and blackberry frozen yogurt. For her toppings she chose chocolate covered sunflower seeds, whoppers, cookie crisp cereal, snow caps, pretzels,sour gummy worms, and a cherry on top. That evening, as requested by the birthday girl, we had chocolate chips pancakes, bacon and fruit for dinner.

Here are a five things I want to remember about our five year old Julianne:

1. Loves to wear dresses - the fancier the better - Loves accessorizing too
2. Loves anything crafty - Drawing, Painting, Gluing, Glittering, Writing, Stickering, Cutting, etc.
3. Very Friendly - not shy at all and will strike up a conversation and give a hug to anyone she sees out in public
4. Great Eater - will try anything, favorite food is tomatoes, almost always cleans her plate at meals
5. Good with little kids - she is naturally attracted to young children/babies and is usually very helpful with them (although this doesn't seem true for her younger sister who can get under her skin pretty well)