Silver Dollar City 2012

During our trip to Springfield we got to go to Silver Dollar City, which is located in Branson, Missouri (30 minutes from Springfield). It had been 15 or 20 years since I had been there and it was the girls first trip to an amusement park. We started on some of the kiddie rides and both girls were willing to go on just about anything. They rode the frogs, ladybugs, teacups, elephants, and ships. I wasn't too surprised that Julianne loved all the rides, but I was shocked that our fearful Lorelei was willing to try anything. It was probably good that we had never been there before because neither of them really didn't know what to expect with any of the rides and therefore didn't know to be fearful of any of them. They both rode Fire in the Hole which has a pretty big dip at the end and afterwards they both said they didn't like it and didn't want to ride it again, but neither seemed hysterically afraid of it. Both girls rode the American Plunge, which has an even larger hill at the end. Lorelei didn't want to ride it again, but Julianne convinced Rachel to take her again on it. It was fun to see how much Julianne seemed to like the thrill of the rides since I absolutely love roller coasters. Since there were so many people with us, I had lots of babysitters that would stay with the kids when I wanted to ride a more extreme roller coaster than the kids could ride. We had a great time!