Potty Training

This is only two months late, but better late than never; Lorelei is officially potty trained. At the end of May Lorelei's Mimi gave her some brand new Barbie underwear, which Lorelei desperately wanted to wear. One mid-June morning after taking off her night time diaper, she went over to her drawer, picked out a pair of underwear and put it on. This was the beginning of the end of diapers for Lorelei. I was not intending to start potty training for a few weeks, but since she showed interested we quickly dove into a few days of intense potty training. She had some accidents those first few days and several accidents scattered throughout the past two months, but overall is doing very well with telling us when she needs to go and most of the time going on her own without even having us come and help her. For the first week and a half of potty training Lorelei didn't tell us when she needed to go, so we would take her to the potty every couple of hours and ask more frequently if she needed to go, but after going to St. Louis with Julianne and spending a week with family, she came back telling us every time she needed to go. Like her sister, Lorelei was quite motivated by getting M&M's when she went potty. We gave her one M&M for telling us that she needed to go, one M&M for going pee, and two M&M's for going poop. She is still in a diaper for naptime (although about half of the time she's totally dry) and bedtime, but otherwise she is in underwear full time now and loves being a big girl who uses the potty. A couple weeks ago I made her a potty cake to celebrate being potty trained. She enjoyed it immensely and liked sharing this treat with good friends.