Exersaucer and Ear Infection

We finally located our exersaucer and Morgan has loved playing in it. He loves to put his weight on his feet and move around. Sometimes he gets so excited in it that it looks like he's running and he flings his body around. It's pretty amusing to watch. The bumbo seat and bouncy seat have seemed to have lost their appeal to our boy who likes to stand and move around. If he's not in his exersaucer or being held, he also loves to lay on the ground on a blanket (doing this while naked is his favorite). He has learned to turn on his side and push with his feet and move his hips to move around the local area he was placed. He's getting very close to turning over from his back to his stomach.

Last week we were having some feeding issues (Morgan has become a very distracted and frustrated eater) so I took him to the pediatrician to see what they had to say. I kind of suspected something might be going on with his ears or tummy and it seems like both could be an issue. He had a double ear infection and seems to have acid reflux. He has bad genes for both of these, but so far he's my baby with the earliest ear infection. Julianne got her first at 5 months and Lorelei got her first at 9 months. Other than not nursing as well and a three day nap strike (no naps for an entire three days that lasted longer than 30 minutes), Morgan really showed no other signs of being bothered by an ear infection. During the week leading up to the ear infection he actually slept better at night than he ever had (7:30 to 5:30 or 6:30). He's almost done with his antibiotic and seems to be as good as new.