Julianne and Lorelei's Week in St. Louis

A couple of weeks ago Julianne and Lorelei had the opportunity to spend a week in St. Louis with Mimi, Uncle Steve, Aunt Shelley, Grandma Muhleman, Papa, and Gigi. They had a great time and didn't seem to miss Daddy and Mommy at all.

Here are some of the girl's thoughts about their fun week:

"I yike paying Mimi at Mimi's house" (I like playing with Mimi at Mimi's house) - Lorelei

"I not yike feedee fos. Dey sare me" (I not like feeding goats(at Grant's Farm) They scare me) - Lorelei

"Baby pigs stinky. Dey(they) lick me." - Lorelei

"I liked going to the farm and milking cows and seeing the bunny rabbits and baby pigs." - Julianne

"Getting out the tent and having Jackson in the tent.(at Mimi's house)" - Julianne

"It was fun going to the playground across the street." - Julianne

"I sleep on Muhleman's(Great Grandma Muhleman) bed. I sleep on Muhleman's blanket. I yike dat (I like that.)" - Lorelei

"I on hot sidewalk at pool. Ucle Teve(Uncle Steve) whirling me around in pool." - Lorelei

"I liked going to the pool and swimming at the deep side and going down the yellow water slide and the waterfall on the lazy river." - Julianne

"I liked seeing Jack being potty trained (house trained). I'm interested in dogs potty training. We got to give Jack treats when he goed (went) poop." - Julianne

"I go bye bye to Gigi's house. Der(there) baby dolls, liddle(little) babies." - Lorelei

"Had some bek-fest(breakfast) at Papa's house." - Lorelei

"I liked to go to the doughnut place with Papa and Gigi and got a chocolate icing doughnut." - Julianne

"We went to a special park close to Papa and Gigi's house that had lots of flowers you could pick." - Julianne

"I liked going home. It was exciting for me but not for Pap and Gigi." - Julianne