Cow Appreciation Day 2012

Here at the Mobley household we love Chick Fil A and we look forward to their annual Cow Appreciation Day which happens sometime in July every year. If you are crazy enough to dress like a cow and go into one of their very busy restaurants they'll give you a free meal. We have done this every year for the past five years and plan to continue doing it as long as they're giving away free Chick Fil A. Today we went and got our free meals (yes, four free meals) and took it to a park since the restaurant was so full. It ended up being a perfect park day because storms were blowing through so it was a little cooler than it has been and we happened to avoid the actual rain. Stephen got to meet us for lunch, so after we ate and he had to go back to work, the kids played for awhile. After playing and on the way home, we stopped back by Chick Fil A's drive through and got some of their delicious Ice Dream. Yum! We are very appreciative of cows!