Allison's 30th Birthday

This was a milestone birthday for me, although I felt like it was just another birthday and just another start to another year (Lord willing) in my life. I was reminded how blessed my past thirty years have been and look forward to whatever years ahead that God will give me. A couple days before my birthday Stephen surprised me and took me to Ruth's Chris Steak House. I am not usually a fan of steaks, but they know how to do steaks that just melt in your mouth. It was delicious and the sweet potato casserole was amazing. For dessert they brought me a flourless chocolate cake, ice cream with raspberry sauce, and berries and creme. YUM! Not only was the food wonderful, but the atmosphere was great for sitting and relaxing and talking to one another. It was such a blessing to get to celebrate this occasion with my sweet and thoughtful husband. We had quite the busy week before as the girls were away and as we made finishing touches to the basement, so it was good to just sit and relax with one another. My actual birthday morning was spent at church and then while Stephen had a meeting at church the children and I went to Waffle House with Blair and her girls. This might not sound to exciting, but neither of our husbands will go there with us so this was the perfect opportunity to feast on waffles, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. That afternoon I finished a project I'd been working on and then Stephen surprised me again with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. So yummy! He also took the girls to the dollar store to pick out some gifts for me. Julianne picked out a pink brush and Lorelei (with some help from Daddy) picked out a candle. After the children were in bed, Stephen had some take out Chinese food and watched our newest TV show addiction, LOST. It was a fun day!