Julianne - The Budding Writer and Artist

It has been so much fun the past few weeks to see Julianne really develop an interest in writing. Before this she would sometimes try to write one word or a name, but now she is writing in sentences. This is not to say that she is writing perfectly (leaves out punctuation, spells things phonetically, writes letters and words backwards sometimes, doesn't leave spaces between words) but she really loves to write and spends hours during the day doing so. She usually writes captions for her pictures or letters to friends/family, but today she wrote a very short (three sentences) story about a little girl. Sometimes her writing takes a bit to decipher but I can usually read most things that she writes and she can read them to me if I can't make it out. She also loves to draw, paint, decorate, glue, cut with scissors, and really anything that has to do with art. She has gotten much more detailed about the things that she draws and tries to draw a variety of objects, although people are her favorite thing to draw. The other day Stephen was working in the basement and had his tools out, so she had an idea to nail some boards together (with Stephen's help, although she did a lot on her own) and make a figure of me. It was fun to see her brain working as she was thinking about what she could add next. After she finished building the figure, she used her markers to decorate it. She had so much fun putting it together and spent more than an hour on this project and still wants to add more to it. It's so exciting to see how far she has come this summer so far and I look forward to seeing how she progresses in kindergarten. Here are some writing samples, pictures that she's drawn, and a few pictures of our almost five year old girl.

The finished product - Doesn't it look like mommy?