Morgan - 3 Months

Our sweet Morgan boy is now three months old. It seems like he has been a part of our family forever, but it also seems like I just had him in the hospital. He is such a sweet blessing from God to our family. He has probably been my easiest baby to get on a schedule, although with two older siblings we don't keep as strict of a schedule as I would like because playdates, errands, and other fun summer activities need to be done sometime. Usually once or twice a week we go out during his normal morning nap time and he just cat naps in his car seat. Up until a couple of weeks ago he would take long naps in his car seat while we were out, but these have seemed to have stopped and he's more easily awoken when I take him in and out of places. He is sleeping pretty well at night, although not doing anything consistently at night. He has gone 10 hours a couple of times, but typically is going 7-9 hours between his bedtime feeding(7:30 p.m.) and his first nighttime feeding. He will eat either once or twice during the night. His typical day usually starts at 7-7:30 and he's down for a nap around 9. Usually for his morning nap I swaddle him, put a pacifier in his mouth and rock him for a few minutes and then put him in his crib, which he is now sleeping full time in. No more pack n play in mommy and daddy's room for this boy! He'll generally sleep until 11:30 or 12 and then will go down for an afternoon nap at around 1:30 or 2. He'll then sleep until 4:30 or 5 and then goes to bed at 7:30 p.m.

Because he is doing so well sleeping he is a very happy baby (normally) during his awake time. He still loves to lay on his back and look at the face of whoever is talking to him and he will "talk" back for 15-20 minutes. He has also started laughing more. Not only will he laugh when he's tickled, but he'll laugh spontaneously when he thinks a sound we make or something we say is funny. He has also started making more sounds and squealing in excitement. Since he's become a little more social and aware of his surroundings he has started become a bit of a distracted eater. If he is wide awake during a feeding he'll look up and try to smile at me while he's eating, which makes for interrupted and quicker feedings.

He still prefers to lay on his back to play, but is doing better at holding his head up and being content while laying on his tummy. He still will roll over from his tummy to back within a few minutes if he's not liking mandated tummy time. When he is laying on his back he has learned to scoot himself around by pushing off the ground with his feet. He can completely scoot off a blanket and scoots himself to the opposite corner of the crib. He has started sitting in the bumbo seat and likes to watch the rest of us while he's sitting in it. He will grab toys, blankets, shirts, hair, etc that are near his hands. He loves sitting in the bouncy seat and I learned that I need to now buckle him in because one time I didn't and he slid down the bottom of the bouncy seat until his bottom was on the floor and his head was being held up by the bottom of the bouncy seat where his feet should have been. Thankfully I saw him before he fell any further. Although he is generally happy, if he is sad/mad there are a few things that will make him happy again: Taking off his clothes and/or diaper, holding him in a standing position, feeding him, putting him down for a nap, holding him, or giving him a pacifier(although the last one only works if he's tired, otherwise he spits it out). Here are some pictures of our sweet three month old boy.