A Day in the Life of Lorelei

Lorelei officially is two and a half now (at the end of June) so I decided to follow her around all day and write down some of the things she's doing and saying. She is growing up so quickly I don't want to miss these moments or forget what she was like at this fun age. Here's what a typical Lorelei day looks like:

7:20-7:30 - Woke up - If anyone's likely to sleep in this girl is but usually she doesn't since she shares a room with her early rising sister.

7:30 - Picked out her underwear for the day (she started potty training about two weeks before) and a baby (loves babies). Picked out a hat to wear as well. Sat on the potty and had her first success of the day, which resulted in two m&m's.

7:45 - Breakfast of toast, kiwi, banana, and milk - She took almost an hour to sit at the table and eat and still didn't eat all of it (eating is hit and miss for her, but overall she has really stopped consuming as much food, unless it's sweets). It was her first time trying kiwi and her response was, "I like f-ooh-t"(fruit). She sometimes mixes up her words, especially when trying to throw a please into them so she asked, "May I have please more milk?". Some other things she said at breakfast were, "A-oooh"(thank you), "I get go Mimi's house next week.", "I two mufs ol"(I two months old- she meant years).

8:50 - "May I be cused?" (May I be excused?) Brought plate and cup to the counter and said, "You hold my bana. I throw it away. There we go. Oh man. My plate fell in tash can." (You hold my banana. I will throw it away. There we go. Oh man. My plate fell in the trash can.)

8:55 - Sat on couch with Morgan and said, "Mo-gan boy." "Mo-gan kicking me", "Mo-gan just sceemed."(screamed) "Mo-gan miling at me mommy." (Morgan's smiling at me mommy)

9:00 - Told to go upstairs to get dressed and her response was, "I pay dess up" (I play dress up). She picked out a fancy dress from the dress up box and put it on by herself. Mommy put real clothes on for the day. She can put on her own underwear and pants, but gets frustrated with shirts. Sometimes she can put on her own shoes and buckle them.

9:15 - Was corrected for bothering Julianne - She loves trying to get attention from Julianne by doing things that will elicit a reaction. Some of those things are hitting her, taking her baby doll, sitting on her lap, pulling her hair, etc. She was corrected for this action.

9:30 - Got in car and did top buckle of car seat by herself. She sang songs the entire way in the car. "Jesus loves me", "Shoo fly", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Happy Birthday", and "Holy, Holy, Holy" are her favorites to sing. Sometimes she tries to sing the real words and sometimes she makes up her own words. She loves to sing.

10:00-12:00 - Played at Kazoing with friends. Jumped on boucies, went down the huge inflatable slide, played in the playroom, and did a craft. Went to the bathroom and another success. After playing I asked her what her favorite thing was that she did and she said, "I make caf(craft). I like happy dir-day" (meaning the bouncy with the birthday cake on top).

12:15-1:15 Ate lunch at Chick Fil A with friends. She loves their chicken nuggets and ate all of hers, some of Julianne's and some of our friend's nuggets. She had some ice dream and got to play in the play area.

1:30 - Got home and sat on the potty before nap time. Another success. She is still confused about the difference between poop and pee and gets them confused. While sitting on the potty she said, "Mommy, know what? I swim by myself. I go to Mimi's house net(next) weekend". She is always asking me "Mommy, know what?"

1:45 - Read a book in her bed. Loves the book pictures of our family in it. I kissed her, tucked her in and told her to have a good nap. She looked at Morgan and said, "Have good nap." and then looked at me and said, "Have good nap."

2-4 - Took a nap. She generally takes 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon, although bedtime is usually more challenging when she takes long naps.

4:15 - Took naptime diaper off and it was dry (this has happened several days in a row). Another success on the potty, then snack time. I let the girls make their own mini-fruit pizzas. Lorelei put the cool whip topping on her sugar cookie and then picked the fruit she wanted on it. Some of the things she said were, "We put pickles on cookies. Jew-we-en then we eat them. Okay?" (We put pickles (I think she meant kiwi) on the cookies. Julianne then we eat them. Okay?), "I want gink(drink)", "I want candle on cookie and sing happy dir-day(birthday) Mommy." We sang Happy Half Birthday to her. "What you doin?", "May I be cused(excused)?", "I turn two again." (confused about age and why we sang happy birthday to her)

4:45 - Helped me prepare dinner. Loves to be with me in the kitchen.

5:00 - Played with her baby doll. Some of the things she said were, "I feeding my baby Yo-a-yi (Lorelei) milk" (rather than mommy milk), "I want my rah-wid (rabbit)", "I weh-wing(wearing) Jew-we-en's (Julianne's) jacket", "You hol me." (how she asks to be held)

5:30 - Fed Abby - on of her chores is to feed Abby a scoop of food at breakfast and dinner. While she was doing this she said, "Abby like pickles."

5:40 - Sprayed hair to fix before going to church and said "ow" before I even touched her.

5:45 - Her prayer before dinner went something like this, "Dear God, Help Mimi feel better. Help them. A-ooh(thank you) food. A-wen (amen)." After praying she said, "Want suh-sich(sandwich) mommy. I yike dat.(I like that)"

6:15 - In car on the way to church for VBS family night. She asked, "Where Yo-a-yi(Lorelei) going Mommy?" Then she sang, "Ho-wee, Ho-wee, Ho-wee" (Holy, Holy, Holy)

6:30-7:30 - Sat by her friend Ainsley for VBS family night - Loved all of the songs and danced in the aisle to them.

7:45 - 8:15 - Ate ice cream at Graeters with our friends, the Balzers - too focused on eating ice cream and had a potty accident

8:20 - At home getting ready for bed. Another potty success. Some of her excuses for not getting into bed, "I want brush hair.", "I want brush teeth.", "I need go poo-poo."

8:30 - In bed - Usually we read a Bible Story and sing a hymn before bed, but bedtime was a little later than usual (8:00) so the girls went straight to bed. We had to go up several times to discipline Lorelei for not laying down in her bed.

And that's a typical Lorelei day!