Father's Day 2012

Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan have been blessed with the most wonderful daddy and they love him so much. Stephen loves them and teaches them in a way that only a daddy could and he is irreplaceable in their lives. I (along with the children) are so thankful for him! Julianne filled out (with the help of mommy) a paper about her daddy and these were some of the responses from her 4.75 years perspective.

1. My daddy's favorite food is "chicken nuggets and burgers."
2. My daddy does not like to "have breakfast for dinner." (She could not be any more correct about this)
3. My daddy is "31" years old. (correct again)
4. At his job, my daddy "works to sell money for our whole family."
5. My daddy is really good at "writing."
6. My favorite thing to do with my daddy is "go on adventures to the mall."
7. My daddy is special to me because "he really loved me when I was in mommy's tummy."

On Saturday Julianne and I got a special breakfast (chocolate covered doughnuts, pineapple, coffee, and juice) ready and brought it to Stephen in bed. On Sunday we went to church then had a yummy lunch at Jimmy John's (Stephen's favorite). That evening we met my uncle, aunt, and cousin at Tumbleweed. We enjoyed a tasty dinner out on the deck overlooking the Ohio River. The girls loved getting to see all the boats and feed the ducks tortilla chips. After dinner we went over to the splash pad and playground and let the kids play. On Monday we met my uncle, aunt, and cousin at the zoo. We enjoyed getting to spend so much time with them and had a great time. Here are some pictures.