Hands, Laughs, Baths and a Bottle

"Hands, Laughs, Baths, and a Bottle" describes Morgan's accomplishments over the last couple of weeks.

"Hands" - Morgan has discovered his hands and loves to put his fists in his mouth. It's funny to hear the loud smacking sounds as he sucks on his fists. He has also started grasping onto blankets, hair, shirt, and fingers as they are put within reach.

"Laughs" - A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I touched Morgan on his sides or chest he would look really uncomfortable and would grunt, which sounded like the beginning of a laugh, but just sounded really pained. In the past few days the girls and I will tickle him in the same areas and he has started letting out a still very pained but an actual laugh. He not only laughs when we tickle him but he gives us some of his biggest grins.

"Baths" - Morgan has begun taking baths in the big bathtub this week instead of the baby bathtub in the sink. Because I am lazy and don't want to fill the bath twice, I've just been bathing all three kids at once and it has gone really well. The girls are gentle most of the time, but Morgan has gotten a face full of water a couple of times mostly due to Lorelei's enthusiasm while washing Morgan. He loves getting to watch his sisters and they provide much entertainment for him.

"A Bottle" - Morgan received his first bottle last week. Julianne has been asking me since the day Morgan was born if she could give him a bottle and she finally got to do it. She fed the whole bottle to him mostly by herself with a little help from daddy. She did a great job and he took it like a champ.