Memorial Weekend 2012

We had two visitors for Memorial weekend, Mimi and Mrs. Karren (a good friend from St. Louis). They came on Friday night and we enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning with them. We went shopping late Saturday morning and then had a yummy lunch at Chick-Fil-A. That evening the girls played in the sprinkler and pool in our front yard. They also took part in their first water gun fight, although mommy and daddy had the most fun with this. Sunday we went to church and ate lunch at Wild Eggs. Sunday evening Mimi and Mrs. Karren graciously agreed to watch all the kids (there were seven total) for our small group from our ABF class. After our friends left the girls were exposed to their first "slip n slide" experience. Monday morning we went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and playtime in the play area. After breakfast Mimi and Mrs. Karren had to head back to St. Louis. Julianne loved getting to tell her stories and play games with Mimi and Mrs. Karren. Lorelei told me days before they were coming that, "Mrs. Karren want to hold me." and "Mimi want to hold me.", so she enjoyed getting to snuggle and be held by these two. Morgan cooed, smiled, and also enjoyed being held. It was a blessing to get to spend the weekend with Mimi and Mrs. Karren! During the evening of Memorial Day we went to a park near our house. We had a picnic, let the girls play in the water area, and then we played on the playground. It was a fun day.