Julianne - week 6-7

These last two weeks we've celebrated great milestones together as a family. Julianne has been sleeping really well through the night, normally going about 6-7 hours. In fact, last night Julianne went 8 hours without waking. We are so thankful for her ability to sleep well, and pray it continues. Allison and I feel rested and refreshed. Last Sunday was Julianne's first experience in the church nursery. We took her to ABF with us, but since both Allison and I sang during the service, it necessitated the trip to the nursery. According to the workers, she was an angel -- she just sat in the bouncy seat and had a grand old time. We started to notice Julianne smile at us (on purpose, not just gas (mom)), and she is turning to look at us, making eye contact when we call her name. She is a doll! Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

Too many pictures make the baby mad!