100th Day of School

We ended our pre-kindergarten school year with our 100th day of school this past week. We started the day with our 100 day breakfast of a banana and two doughnuts. After breakfast we did our calendar for the day and put our last straw in our cups to make 100 straws. We reviewed the Parable of the Lost Sheep, which was appropriate since Jesus tells about a shepherd who has 100 sheep and when he loses one he leaves the 99 others to find his one lost sheep. Julianne wrote and drew in her journal about what she would buy with 100 dollars. Her response was "A dolly with 100 clothes". Julianne and Lorelei built used 100 legoes to build a tower(Lorelei) and a palace(Julianne). Julianne wrote her names as many times as she could in 100 seconds. She could write it four and a half times. Julianne also made a necklace of 100 fruit loops. We had a 100 lunch of a cheese stick and two circle peanut butter and honey sandwiches and a carrot and two cucumber slices. After rest time/nap time we put together a 100 day snack, which consisted of 10 items of 10 different snacks. This became our 100 day trail mix. We also asked each member of our family to make a collection of 100 items. Julianne picked 100 flowers, Daddy listed 100 Bible stories, Lorelei used 100 stickers, Morgan (with the help of Mommy) painted 100 toe prints, and I used 100 beans. We ended the day by celebrating with dinner at Chick fil a. It was a fun last day of school!