Photo Session with Three Kids

A photo session with one kid is difficult enough, but add two more and it's nearly impossible to get a good picture with all three smiling and looking at the camera. And really we were just trying to get two to smile and look at the camera since the littlest one has not yet learned to smile and slept through the entire session. The hour and a half that we were at Portrait Innovations was eventful for all three. Morgan slept most of the time, woke up after some prodding, cried a bit after being woken by the photographer, and then went back to sleep. Lorelei realized that each time the photographer pressed the button on the camera that there would be a bright flash and, therefore, squinted her eyes with a painful look on her face before each picture was taken. She is going through a little stranger (actually anyone other than mommy) anxiety and constantly burst out in tears saying "Mommy hold me". Julianne did marvelously through the session and smiled beautifully for the camera. She had her own ideas of what the pictures should look like and wanted to accessorize with hats, feather boas, rain boots, tractors, flowers, a bath tub, and a winter background. Overall, all three kiddos did well through the photo session and we got some good pictures.