Two Weeks Old

I fully intended to post some pictures of our baby boy when he was one week old, but I guess this is how it goes with the third child, so two week pictures will just have to do. Morgan has had a very full two weeks and has experienced many "firsts". Here is how is first two weeks has gone:

Day 1: Born; Met Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Julianne, and Lorelei

Day 2: Met Papa and Gigi and Mrs. Blair

Day 3: Went home from the hospital

Day 4: Celebrated first Easter; Met Chip and Claire

Day 5: First pediatrician appointment (gained 3 oz(7 lbs 6 oz) from last weight check at hospital); Went to Mark's Feed Store for the first time

Day 6: Went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for the first time; Met Lee and Charity

Day 7: Received first two packages in the mail

Day 8: Went on first play-date to Barrett and Colin's house

Day 9: First evening as a family of 5 with no visitors

Day 10: First full day with only our family

Day 11: Went to church for the first time (slept through the entire service); Went to first small group from church

Day 12: Lost umbilical stump and officially gained a belly button; Mommy officially on her own

Day 13: First trip to COSTCO; First bath

Day 14: First trip to the park with Mrs. Blair, Sadie Beth, Ainsley, and Melody

Today Morgan went to the pediatrician again for a weight check and he had gained 10 ounces and was up to 8 lbs 4 oz. The doctor was impressed with his weight gain and even suggested spacing his feedings out a little longer if he was okay with that. She did think that he might have thrush, so we're starting him on an anti-fungal medication. So far, Morgan has been a great baby. He nurses well and has been an excellent sleeper. There have been a couple of nights that he has gone 4-5 hours between feedings, although normally he eats every 3 hours at night, but he is really good to go right back to sleep after he's done nursing. I haven't quite figured out his "tired" cues during the day and truthfully I've forgotten how little awake time newborns have, so when he gets tired he gets super cranky, which is usually my fault for not putting him down again. He seems to enjoy being swaddled and calms down almost immediately when put in his "baby straight jacket" (what we call the miracle blanket we use to swaddle him). He, like his sisters were, is a spit up machine, but the doctor is not worried about it since he's still gaining weight. I am having so much fun with our little boy and as strange as it was at first to see blue clothes with monkeys, trucks, and baseballs, it has become a welcome sight in our home. Julianne and Lorelei love their brother and both ask to hold him many times each day. Both girls love to cover him with blankets, give him kisses, sing songs to him, and can't wait to see him when they and he wake up in the morning. Morgan is the perfect addition to our family.