Spring is here!

Two weeks ago we were having our first major snow of the season in early March. Now here were are nearing the end of March and spring has sprung. Actually it has felt more like summer here in Louisville with temperatures in the 80's and we have all enjoyed playing outside a bit more. Both girls would play outside all day long if our schedule allowed for it.

Julianne loves picking flowers(or weeds) and making bouquets to give away to the people she loves. She has absolutely enjoyed the switch from heavy winter clothes to light summery dresses, skirts, and sandals. The girl loves summer clothes and shoes! She loves riding her bike (with training wheels) and has gotten really good at pedaling herself up hills. One of her favorite spots in our very small yard is on top of the roof of a piece of toddler play equipment. She still loves to climb and is fairly agile while doing so. Julianne is such a social girl and loves telling stories to and asking questions to our neighbors when they're out. She could talk for hours to anyone who would listen. She also loves to sing songs and tries to create a stage wherever she is. She sings familiar songs she's learned and makes up a variety of her own tunes. It is so hard to believe that she is already four and a half years old.

Lorelei also enjoys picking flowers, although it doesn't keep her small attention span for very long. Her favorite thing to do while outside is run as fast as she can up and down the sidewalk. It's hard not to smile when I watch her run because she almost looks out of control with her little feet (usually on tiptoe) moving as fast as they can and her arms flailing about just as quickly. She's not a pretty runner, but she sure does have fun doing it. Lorelei loves animals, especially our next door neighbor's cat who she calls "Mo-me-mo" (Romeo). She loves sitting on their front step petting him. Whatever she does, whether inside or out, she wants to do by herself. She proclaims, "Wash hands self", "Ride bike self", "Put on clothes self", "Pick flowers self", etc. This independent attitude has begun to cause some problems for our sweet, mellow Lorelei. She has started throwing some nasty temper tantrums when things don't go how she would like them to and has been testing the waters of obeying mommy and daddy a bit more. Her language has blossomed since getting tubes and has been voluntarily saying "I wuv oo mommy/daddy/Juju." (I love you)

Both girls seem to be excited about their brother's arrival in a couple of weeks. Julianne has always loved babies and we are sure she is going to be a great help when he comes. She has even assured me that she's going to get up in the middle of the night with me when I feed him, although I'm not so sure she understands the depth of this commitment. She often tells me, "Your baby sure is getting big. I bet he'll be born soon." Lorelei talks about "baby budda" (baby brother) all the time, especially when she sees his clothes. When asked where baby brother is she points to my belly, but I'm not completely sure that she understands how much her little life will change in the next couple of weeks. Both girls absolutely love all of the baby paraphernalia I've been bringing out. The other day I found Julianne laying in the boppy pillow and Lorelei snuggling with her in it. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to spend my days with these girls and look forward to adding a boy to the mix soon.