February Trip to St. Louis

Last weekend the girls and I were able to make a trip to St. Louis to visit friends and family one last time before baby boy Mobley makes his arrival. On Friday we visited Mimi at her new job and then spent the afternoon with Great-Aunt Shelley and Great-Grandma Muhleman. We went shopping for Easter dresses and Julianne had a blast trying on about a dozen dresses. She is a true shopper. On Saturday, the girls spent some time with Papa and Gigi so that mommy could make a needed trip to a local cloth diaper store. We all went to Chick Fil A for lunch after some fun playtime at their house. After naps, Mimi and the girls made pink cupcakes and we had St. Louis' famous toasted ravioli for dinner with a good friend. On Sunday we had lunch with Mimi, Papa, Gigi, Great-Grandma Muhleman, Great-Aunt Shelley, and Great-Uncle Steve. After a delicious lunch we did a little more shopping and then went back to Mimi's house. On the way back we picked up some frozen custard and enjoyed that and a pink cupcake for an early dinner. Later we did eat some healthier food, but the girls both got a kick out of having ice cream and cupcakes for dinner. Overall it was a fun trip!