Valentine's Day 2012

On Valentine's Day we woke up and the girls and I had a breakfast of heart shaped cinnamon roll pancakes, pink grapefruit, and hot chocolate. The three of us completed our school activities for the day, which included making valentines and reading a valentine book. At noon we met Blair and her girls for a special Valentine's Day lunch at Krispy Kreme. We ate a healthy heart shaped lunch (pbj on pink bread, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, and pretzels) that we made at home then enjoyed a free doughnut for dessert. That afternoon Julianne and her friend, Noah, had rest time on the couch and watched a Barney Valentine's movie. They spent the rest of the afternoon cutting out hearts and making valentines. That evening we made a yummy dinner of cheese tortellini and chicken alfredo, olive focaccia bread, and spinach salad. Stephen surprised all of us with roses. The girls loved getting flowers from their daddy. After the girls were in bed the adults enjoyed ice cream and a movie.