Newport Aquarium Field Trip

Yesterday we took a field trip to the Newport Aquarium and met my aunt and cousin there. We had a great time. While Melissa and Mady were waiting for us to arrive they got to be the grand marshalls for the penguin parade. We were sad that we missed seeing this honor, but when we arrived we got to meet the penguins they escorted in (Randy, Paula, and Simon). While we were there we saw many different kinds of fish, sharks, octopus, crabs, starfish, sting rays, jelly fish, alligators, eels, sea anemones, turtles, and penguins. Julianne's favorite part of the day was seeing a snake that was shedding its' skin. She hasn't stopped talking about it since then. She also enjoyed getting to pet the sharks, snails, star fish, and crabs. Lorelei's favorite part of the day was getting to be with "Ma-deee"(Mady) and "Lih-sah"(Melissa). She was constantly checking on them to see where they were and loved all of the help that Mady gave her. She love seeing all of the "fee-sh" and when asked what her favorite color of fish was, she told me "peek" (pink). The funniest Lorelei moment of the day was when she came to the plexiglass walkways. You could see fish and other animals under the walkway in the water which was pretty cool. Lorelei took one look at it and absolutely refused to cross it, so Aunt Melissa had compassion on her and carried her across. A little later we came to another one of these walkways and she held both my hand and Aunt Melissa's hand and lifted her feet so she didn't have to touch it. When we got to the last one I held her hand and she walked very timidly across it, pitifully saying "Ho me"(hold me). We got to see a penguin show and a show in which the divers in the pool talked to us while they were under the water. We ended the day with lunch at Johnny Rockets and then proceeded wander a four story parking garage looking for our "misplaced" cars. On the ride home I gave Julianne the assignment(which was actually Aunt Melissa's idea) of drawing four animals that she saw at the aquarium and writing their names. She spent almost the entire hour and a half working on this assignment and did a great job. It was a fun filled field trip!