What Lorelei's Been Learning

Now that I've updated what Julianne has been learning at school, I should really do the same for Lorelei. Although I'm not doing anything super structured with Lorelei for "school time", I have begun including her by giving her her own activities and letting her participate in some of Julianne's activities. For the first thirty to forty-five minutes of Julianne's school time, Lorelei sits on her bed and looks at books and plays with her baby doll. We went through a phase of Lorelei ripping books (almost one book every day) which made this book-loving momma very upset. I decided that maybe she was bored, which prompted me to leave her in her bed for less time (30-45 min instead of 1-1.5 hours) and to give her more activities to do. So far there has been much less book ripping, although she still tends to be a bit more destructive than Julianne ever was. Lorelei loves to look at books on her bed and every day asks to listen to "moo-ee"(music) during this time. After book time I bring her downstairs and set her at the big table in her booster seat(so she can't escape) with an activity. Her favorite activities are peg puzzles, scooping objects, playdough, coloring, building with blocks, and painting. She'll usually do these activities for 15-25 minutes before demanding freedom, then I let her down to participate in whatever tasks Julianne and I are doing. She loves writing and painting with water on the chalkboard, listening to books we are reading, playing games, and generally making a mess of whatever we are trying to accomplish. She especially loves any cooking projects we are doing.

Lorelei is learning so much at this age and her language is developing rapidly. She loves to "cook" in the play kitchen and is always bringing me "soup" and "cookies" (two words she says perfectly). She loves to hop, spin around, and throw balls. Lorelei has developed a fascination with washing her hands and actually does pretty well completing this task on her own. She still loves her babies and has become particular in which ones are her favorites. She feeds them "baby boddles"(baby bottles) and puts them to bed saying , "baby nie-nie". She will even say, "baby poopy die-pee" (baby poopy diaper) and will pretend to change it's diaper. She continues to be pretty musical and loves to sing songs. She knows tunes to songs with perfect pitch, but still hasn't quite yet picked up on the words. She'll sing the same word over and over again to the particular tune. Some songs that she knows are "EIEI Moo-moo"(Old McDonald Had a Farm), "Happy (insert name)"(Happy Birthday), "Ho-wee, ho-wee, ho-wee"(Holy, holy, holy), "Yes Jesuh"(Jesus loves me), "ABCDEEEEEE" (ABC's), "Teetle, teetle, how I, how I"(Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), "Rown eh rown"(Wheels on the bus), "Way we do" (Away we go).

Some words and phrases she is now saying are: "halp me"(help me), "home me"(hold me), "May I be cuse" (May I be excused, although she gets these words mixed up sometimes), "ree book"(read book), "nee tee-soo" (need tissue), "pee-pee poo-poo pah-dee" (she understands that pee and poo go in the potty, but is not practicing this yet), "hi moom"(hi moon-favorite phrase while outside), "Yea Mimi/Papa/Gigi/A-A(Ainsley)", "No mo muh-kee juh juh beh" (no more monkeys jumping on the bed-current favorite book), "Abby eee"(Abby eat), "Abby sih"(Abby sit), "Abby tay"(Abby stay), "Abby go way" (Abby go away), "Soo, sah" (shoes and socks), "hey Ju-ju". In the past month she has also started responding to us with "oh" and "oh-tay"(okay) to show that she understand what we've said. She also picked up saying "wuh"(what) when we call her name. "Ah do"(I do) is what she says when she wants anything, we don't even have to ask a question.

Ever since Lorelei turned two she has been struggling majorly with falling asleep. Naps have become much shorter and she is taking 1-2 hours to go to sleep at night. Sleep has never been an issue with her so we're still trying to get used to these new challenges. She is never upset being in her crib and even asks to get in bed, but she just chatters on and on until she finally gives in to sleep. She still loves rocking before bedtime and every night says "Pay"(pray) to tell us that she wants to pray and for us to pray for her. Her prayers go something like this "Gah fuh foo, Mimi, Ju-Ju, Papa, Gigi, daddy, mommy, baby, pee-yo, Away" (God for food, Mimi, Julianne, Papa, Gigi, daddy, mommy, baby, pillow, Amen") She tends to forget the "thank you" at the beginning of her prayers.