Julianne's School Time

School has kept us (and me) so busy that I realized I hadn't made any posts about Julianne's school time. We are once again using the ABC Jesus Loves Me online curriculum along with the Handwriting Without Tears program and Julianne seems to really enjoy it. We are doing school three days a week for an hour and half to two hours each day. Here is a look into our school day: (all of the times are approximate times and are very flexible)

9-9:20 For the first twenty minutes or so we do our calendar activities, which include learning the months, days of the week, year, today/tomorrow/yesterday, counting the days of the month, counting the days of school, and doing our weather chart. Julianne can name all the months of the year and days of the week. She has learned to count by 1's, 5's, and 10's up to 60. She can also identify most numbers up to 60.

9:20-9:50 For the next half hour we have our Bible lesson which includes a Bible Story which focuses on teaching a specific Biblical character trait, a bible verse, and a Bible song. By the third day of teaching the story, Julianne is usually able to tell the story on her own. After this is journal writing time. I write a question about the story or character trait and the write Julianne's answer, then we read it together. Julianne draws a picture and then writes two words (either words she is familiar with or words she can spell phonetically).

9:50-10:20 Next we work on our letter for the week, which is based on the next letter in Julianne's Handwriting Without Tears workbook. To learn the new letter Julianne practices writing on the chalkboard, writes it in her journal, and completes activities about the letter. We have also added learning sight words to this time. We go over the week's sight words on flash cards then we read a book with these sight words as its' focus. The books have three to four words per page and Julianne is loving reading independently.

10:20-10:40 After this we work on a math skill. Through the handwriting program Julianne has learned to form all numbers 0-10 and now we're working on writing and recognizing numbers 11-20. During this time Julianne has learned how to make an AB pattern, count by 10's, sort like items, add and subtract up to ten, and currently we're learning about our 5 senses(which is classified as a math skill in our curriculum).

10:40-11:00 During the last twenty minutes or so of our school time we either work on learning specific information pertaining to Julianne (address, phone number, how to answer the phone appropriately, writing last name, etc.) or read a classical children's book and complete an activity. Julianne currently knows how to write her first and last name, can recall her phone number, and knows most of her address. One children's book that both girls particularly enjoyed was "Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett. One activity that we completed with this book was making and decorating our own gingerbread babies.