Lorelei's Second Birthday Party and Two Year Old Check-Up

While we were in St. Louis we had birthday party for Lorelei at Papa and Gigi's house. It ended up being on New Year's Eve, so we had lots of appetizer/finger foods along with Imo's pizza. If you've never had St. Louis style pizza such as Imos, you're missing out. After eating and visiting, Lorelei opened her presents. She did a great job tearing the wrapping paper one small piece at a time. After a few gifts, though, she decided she was done and was not happy about opening the rest of the gifts. Stephen used some reverse psychology though and asked her if she wanted Julianne to open the rest of the presents and Lorelei promptly responded "NO" and proceeded to open the rest by herself. She enjoyed when we sang Happy Birthday to her and then gently tried to blow her candles out of her big cupcake. When this didn't work, Daddy helped her blow out the candles. She thoroughly enjoyed one of the mini-chocolate cupckes.

The day after we traveled back to Louisville, Lorelei had her two year old check-up. Her stats were as follows: Height- 35.5 in(95%), Weight- 30lbs 6oz(85%). She is meeting most two year old developmental standards, although is a little behind in her expressive language still. In the past month, though, she has made so much progress with her speech. She is now putting two to three words together. She says, "I do.", "Bye Mommy.", "Pee(please) Ju-ju.", "Ho(hold) me.", "No Abby. Tay(stay).", "Mah-kee(monkey) eat." We're trying to teach her to ask to be excused from mealtime and would like her to ask, "May I be excused?", but right now it's coming out more like, "May I may I pee(please)?" The same thing seems to happen when she asks to get on the top bunk (we're also trying to get her to ask permission to climb up to the top bunk to hopefully avoid injuries). She often says many of the right words, but in the wrong order. She'll ask, "May I may I up pee(please)?" instead of "May I go up please?" Rather than just grunting she is now saying many words either completely correct or at least close to the correct pronunciation. She still says "uh-uh" for "thank you" although when asked to say each word correctly she can do it.

She loves to point out letters but most of the time every letter is "e". She can count to three, but sometimes gets the order mixed up. She prefers markers over crayons which often ends up with more on her than on the paper. She loves baby dolls and takes good care of them. Lorelei enjoys cooking in the play kitchen and serving her food to whoever is available. She is very bothered by wet and poopy diapers, but still only tells us when she is going or afterwards. Her very favorite people to spend time with are Julianne and her friend, Ainsley. Although she loves her sister and follows her around, she very much dislikes being bossed around by Julianne and has even learned what to do to irritate her sister. Lorelei is a very emotional child and is either very happy or very sad. She is still our snuggler and loves to be rocked before bedtime.