Christmas in St. Louis 2011

On New Years weekend we made a trip to St. Louis to celebrate Christmas with all of our family there. Our trip had many fun parts:

Part 1: On Friday night we went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Shelley's house and had a delicious dinner followed by much fellowship and present opening. Grandma Muhleman always makes a ton of Christmas cookies (with the help of Aunt Shelley) and both Julianne and Lorelei enjoyed one her giant gingerbread men that she is famous for making. Both girls played Grandma Muhleman's organ (with a little bit of help) and then Julianne initiated a time of singing Christmas carols old and new (the new ones were creations of Julianne). It was such a sweet time with this family!

Part 2: Saturday morning we woke up and after a lazy morning of sleeping and getting breakfast ready we had a late breakfast of egg casserole, yogurt parfaits, and blueberry muffins. After filling our tummies we sat around the living room and opened gifts. The girls favorite gifts were babies from Mimi and Grandma Northrip and a pillow that Aunt Sarah made for Lorelei. Julianne and Lorelei really enjoyed spending time with Mimi, Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah (Stephen and I did too!).

Part 3: On Sunday morning Stephen had the opportunity to preach at the church we were members of in St. Louis before we moved to Louisville. He did a great job teaching us from the book of Revelation. After lunch at Qudoba with many friends and family, we went back to Papa and Gigi's house and had nap time for the kids. After naps we opened gifts with this part of our family. Julianne and Lorelei loved getting to play with their cousin, Ethan and the three of them enjoyed playing in a huge wrapped box, playing the piano, and banging on Gigi's drums. We had a great time with Papa, Gigi, Uncle Jason, Aunt Laura, and Ethan!

Here are some pictures from all our festivities!