Lorelei's Second Birthday

Today our sweet Lorelei is two years old. We started the day with a birthday breakfast of Lorelei's favorite: bananas, doughnuts, and milk. Her first reaction to the balloon tied to her chair was to say, "Boon pop"(balloon pop). This is what usually happens with balloons when Lorelei plays with them. The girls played with playdough and babies until it was time to leave to meet our friends (Mrs. Blair, Sadie Beth, Ainsley, and Melody) at the Speed Art Museum. The museum has a wonderful children's area called Art Sparks and we spent almost three hours there. The girls enjoyed playing in a colonial kitchen, moving around to make video art, reading books, building with blocks, playing with an overhead projector to make pictures, coloring, making rubbings, and painting their own works of art. Lorelei's favorite place to play was by far the colonial kitchen. She would have stayed there the entire time if I would not have lured her away to try the other things. After a fun morning of art, we went to Chick Fil A for lunch. Lorelei loves the chicken nuggets there and also enjoyed the special treat of sharing a chocolate peppermint milkshake. Yum! Once the girls played a bit on the playground Lorelei was ready for her birthday nap. Once daddy got home that evening, we had dinner which included rice (another one of Lorelei's favorites) and then ate cake and ice cream. After some playtime with daddy, Lorelei opened her gifts from us with a little bit of help from Julianne. She received a baby doll (the first baby doll we have ever bought for either of the girls, even though we have 10-15 of them) which Julianne picked out and a box full of busy bags (developmentally appropriate independent activities that Lorelei can do while Julianne and I have our school time). She talked for a bit with Gigi and Papa who called and then it was bed time. A busy day for a busy girl!