Christmas in Louisville 2011

This was our first Christmas in the nine Christmases we've spent together as a married couple without any extended family on Christmas Day. We did many fun things during December leading up to Christmas. We did a daily advent calendar (in which we read a Bible verse pertaining to the Christmas story and did an activity), we went to several Christmas parties, went to Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" concert without the children, baked lots of Christmas goodies, sang and played instrument to Christmas songs, drove around and looked at Christmas lights after getting Graeter's ice cream (an annual tradition), made and wrapped many presents, read lots of Christmas books, and during the last week before Christmas we completed an interactive nativity set called "What God wants for Christmas?".

On Christmas Eve we went with some friends of ours to a nursing home and sang Christmas carols and visited with many of the residents. The older girls, Sadie Beth and Julianne, had drawn pictures for the residents and proudly gave them out. We had lunch together and then went to a Christmas Eve service at Southeast Christian Church. Julianne was so excited about getting to go to "choir" (this is how she refers to the church service) and she did really well sitting quietly and participating in some of the singing. That evening we ate a dinner of "snacks" (Julianne loved the idea and the snack she requested was cookies) and watched the Nativity Story. That night the girls both slept in our bedroom so that we could prepare their Christmas gift in their room.

When they awoke the checked out their new bunk bed and had fun playing on the top bunk until breakfast was ready. Right before breakfast we opened stockings then enjoyed a delicious breakfast of monkey bread. We went to our church a little later for a Christmas worship service, where Stephen sang with the praise team and even had a solo. Julianne really enjoyed being in the service. For lunch we had one of Stephen's co-workers and a family from our ABF class over. We had a great time of fellowship and lots of yummy food. That evening we opened gifts between our immediate family and then were very ready for bed. It was a very Merry Christmas!