Lorelei - 23 Months

Lorelei only has one more month of being a one year old. She continues to move toward independence which sometimes can end up with lots of crying and fits (from Lorelei, although sometimes her mommy feels like doing this), but overall she is at such a sweet age. She is talking so much more than she was a month ago and is speaking more clearly. She is starting to put two words together without prompting such as , "Ju-ju see", "Mommy pee(please)", "Ha buh" (have book). She is also starting to understand the process of reconciliation and willing goes up to others and says "saw-saw" (sorry) and gives them a hug. She understands that when someone (her sister) asks forgiveness from her, her response should be "yes." Sometimes she still gets these two roles mixed up and will say "saw-saw" (sorry) when Julianne should be apologizing to her, but overall she's starting to get this.

One huge development over the past couple of months is that Lorelei will actually sit and enjoy being read to. Before, she could hardly sit still enough to read one page and now she will bring me book after book to read to her. It definitely has to be led by her though. Lorelei continues to love music and knows many familiar tunes well enough to hum them correctly. She still doesn't generally put words to those songs, but today she sang "Ray, ray" (rain, rain) to all of the song "Rain, Rain Go Away". She loves to make up her own songs too. Lorelei, like her big sister, loves baby dolls and has started making things other than dolls her babies. For example, she has been seen more than once cradling a cup, spoon, piece of chalk, shoe, etc. She has started playing with the play kitchen appropriately and loves to help mommy cook in the real kitchen.

Lorelei continues to be a pretty good eater, but has gotten to be a bit more picky and has cut down her food intake, especially when served a meal she doesn't particularly enjoy. When she does eat she is very messy as you will see in some of the following pictures. Lorelei has also begun walking up and down the stairs correctly, instead of crawling up and down them. She is growing up so quickly and we are relishing this last month of our one year old.