Reading and Writing

Julianne has recently entered the stage of a beginning reader and writer. She has known all of the letter sounds for a year or more, but now is trying to put them together to write her own words and to use what she knows to sound words out. Two weeks ago in our school time we were sorting sight words by beginning letter and she was not only able to do this but sounded every word (three-five letter words)out on her own with just a little bit of help with long and short vowels. She knows many consonant blends and word families which helps her with this. Julianne would prefer to use these skills to write rather than read and can be found most of her free time at her school table coloring or writing. We've been doing a handwriting program in our school time and she has taken off with writing. She can write all upper and lower case letters, although still does not form many of them correctly. She has learned how to write her first name, last name, and phone number during our school time. She has also started using phonetic spelling to write other people's names, labels for pictures she draws, and has even dabbled with some very short and simple sentences. The first sentence I ever saw her try was, "Julianne is 4." She also made Lorelei a very early birthday card on which she wrote "Happy Birthday Lorelei, From Julianne." It wasn't spelled correctly but I could definitely tell what she was trying to write. I am so thankful that I get to stay at home and be her teacher to see these developments first hand. Here are some pictures of our sweet, writing girl and some of her writing samples.