Stephen's Trip to Bermuda

Last week Stephen had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Bermuda with the owners of his company. They stayed in a beautiful resort and had a room overlooking the ocean. When he wasn't attending meetings he got to visit a lighthouse (with an amazing view of the island), went to the beach a handful of times, ate at some incredible fine dining restaurants, and took a ferry to the other side of the island. He had a good time, but the girls and I were very glad when he came home on Sunday night. The trip was harder on Julianne than I expected. A few times she would say "I miss my daddy" and would look like she was on the verge of tears. It definitely helped that we got to skype with him most days. I got out the computer today and Lorelei came over and said, "Daddy. See." She thinks that she can see daddy on the computer anytime she wants. Here are some pictures of his trip.