Halloween 2011

We had a fun Halloween yesterday. The girls and I made Jack-o-lantern muffins for breakfast and then did several pumpkin activities during our school time. The girls made shape jack-o-lanterns, they played a pumpkin patch number game, we read several pumpkin/monster books, and did some pumpkin fingerplays. Julianne and I don't generally include Lorelei in very much of our school time, but we did for these activities and I was thoroughly surprised at how much she enjoyed them and how much she participated. We might have to include her more rather than her just having playtime in her crib. The girls then played outside in the pile of leaves Stephen had raked up for them and then we they had jack-o-lantern sandwiches (they didn't turn out looking much like jack-o-lanterns though) for lunch. After naps Julianne helped design our jack-o-lantern and scooped the insides out. Lorelei wanted nothing to do with the insides of the pumpkins and actually seemed a little fearful of what was inside the pumpkin, but she seems to be going through a "fearful" stage. While I did the actual cutting of the jack-o-lantern, the girls painted their little pumpkins. After dinner we took the girls trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Julianne practically ran to every house, specifically looking for the houses with lights on. She knew exactly what to do this year and boldly said "Trick or Treat please" to everyone who answered the door. I think she could have lasted all night long, but we finally called it quits. In hopes to calm the girls down after a night of excitement we drove to Krispy Kreme to get our free doughnuts (they were giving out free doughnuts to all who dressed up and even gave them to moms and dads for dressing up as moms and dads) for breakfast in the morning. It was a fun day and we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween!