Lorelei - 22 Months

Lorelei is now 22 months old and is talking more and more. Although she is still not speaking super clearly and is not really putting words together to make phrases, she definitely knows how to communicate what she wants. Mommy and Daddy just have to figure it out! Overall, she is not trying to correctly say two syllable words. She just repeats the first sound. "Buh-buh" is blanket and "Ah-ah" is ice cream. This past week for the first time she has begun trying to say a few two syllable words correctly. Her clearest word that she says is "heh-woe"(hello), but she has also tried "Eh-yee"(Ellie), "huh-ee" (honey), and "A-yee" (Ainsley). For the most part she still calls us "mama" and "dada", but she's started experimenting by calling Stephen "daddy" (her most clearly spoken word) and me "mah-moo"(mommy). Not sure why she puts the "moo" at the end, but it's pretty funny when she is trying to get my attention by yelling "mah-moo, Mah-Moo, MAH-MOO!" (getting louder each time).

She certainly is getting more opinionated the closer she get to turning two and her "soos"(shoes) are quite important to her. She has always loved shoes and has had a favorite pair. Over the summer she had some pink sandals that she always picked out and wanted to wear. She would still wear these if I would let her and regularly brings them to me to put on her. Now her favorite thing to wear on her feet is her rain boots. She seriously wore them every day this past week and would tell me "no" if I tried to put anything else on her. She not only loves to wear her own shoes, but she loves to wear dress up, high-heel, princess shoes and mommy and daddy's shoes. Along with her shoes she is very particular about accessorizing and almost always has a "buh-buh" (bracelet) on. She loves necklaces and hats too.

She is becoming more aware of what colors, shapes, numbers, and letters are, especially since she has a big sister who is teaching her, but she doesn't label them correctly. To her all numbers and letters are "2" and "A" and all colors are "boo"(blue). She is beginning to enjoy writing and coloring and as she is doing this she'll point to her scribbles and say matter of factly "A, 2". She also loves to be involved in whatever I'm doing in the kitchen. If she sees me start getting ingredients out, she'll get up on the stool to help out. She is actually pretty good at dumping ingredients in the bowl, stirring, and then making a mess out of whatever we've made. She loves to play in flour! Here are some pictures of our sweet Lorelei.