Family Fun Night : Recycled Robots

A few weeks ago a sweet mentor mom spoke at the mom's Bible study I attend on Wednesday mornings. She encouraged us to be purposeful in making fun and lasting memories with our families. One of the ways she shared that worked for her family was by having Friday Family Fun Nights. As a result of this encouragement I decided that we would have our first Mobley Family Fun Night. Last Friday night after dinner I put items from our recycling bin on the kitchen table (don't worry, they were all washed out) and we worked in teams (Daddy and Julianne, Mommy and Lorelei) to make robots from the recycled items. This was actually a school project that we ran out of time for, so I decided we could do it as a family. Our letter for the week had been "R" so this project worked well to reinforce what Julianne had been learning. Julianne had a blast and was actually pretty creative in helping daddy make their robot. Mommy did most of the work for the other robot, but Lorelei helped color and picked out the belly button for this robot. It was a fun time to spend as a family and both girls were pleased with the way the robots turned out. Lorelei has been carrying them around and feeding them like babies for the past few days. Needless to say, I will be more purposeful in the future about planning fun activities for our family to do together.